Land Sales - Wisconsin Surplus Online Auction

When available, the Land Sale parcel listing will be listed on the county website and at that time will also be published in the Oconto County Reporter for 3 consecutive weeks.

Below are links for access to the Wisconsin Surplus Online Auction website. (Use the search word Oconto)

WI Surplus three step bidding process and terms/conditions found here.

  • There is a deadline every month regarding bid closing.
  • Once the auction closes, the list of bids will then be presented to the Administration Committee at their monthly meeting. View their agendas.
  • The winning bidder will send payment directly to Wisconsin Surplus Online Auction Services by the deadline that they have in place.
  • If the money is not received by Wisconsin Surplus Online Auction Services by the date and time listed on their invoice, the parcel will be placed back onto the auction.

Please call the following departments regarding questions:

  • Treasurer phone: 920-834-6813 (taxes, assessments, land sale process)
  • Zoning phone: 920-834-6827 (building regulations, septic systems, building permits)
  • WI Surplus phone: 800-383-7653 (see their website above on the following: land sale bidding process, how to make payment on winning bids)

Thank you