What can individuals do instead of burning household and yard wastes?

Instead of burning, the DNR recommends that you:

  • Reduce usage - buy in bulk or larger quantities and demand less packaging on the products you buy.
  • Reuse items - find someone else who can use it, have a yard sale, or donate it to a resale organization.
  • Recycle newspaper, office paper, cardboard, corrugated cardboard, magazines, aluminum, metal and acceptable plastics.
  • Compost leaves and plant clippings. View the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (WIDNR) Composting in Wisconsin page or consult with University of Wisconsin-Extension and your local government to find out whether local ordinances allow you to compost raw vegetables, bread, egg shells and coffee grounds.
  • Chip brush and clean wood to make mulch or decorative chips, or use it as heating fuel in wood stoves or boilers.
  • Dispose of allowable waste materials at a licensed landfill. For more information about what items may be disposed of at licensed landfills, view WIDNR Managing Waste and Materials.

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